Laminitis, Insulin Resistance, PPID (Cushings Disease) & Metabolic Syndrome in Horses

Endocrinopathic (hormonal) dysregulation can result in development of the following diseases or conditions:

· Insulin Resistance or IR (more accurately termed Insulin Dysregulation)

· PPID (Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction), otherwise often called Equine Cushings Disease

· Metabolic Syndrome (where horses display symptoms or conditions associated with the above but may not necessarily fit any one diagnosis upon diagnostic testing.

IR and Metabolic Syndrome are considered Metabolic types and are treated primarily through appropriate management (diet, exercise and hoof care) whereas PPID is a progressive disease and should be treated through medication primarily as well as management to reduce risk factors and limit the occurrence or duration of associated diseases or conditions such as laminitis or infections.

It is important to know that horses with these conditions have reduced resilience and it directly impacts their soundness and hoof health and potentially also their hoof score.

A loss of resilience increases the horse’s risk of experiencing trauma, injury, disease, and infection and this can occur locally in the foot or anywhere in the body as they are connected and must be viewed holistically.