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Overall  phytonutrient stress protection for your horse!


APF (The Original Advanced Protection Formula) is a synergistic blend of phytonutrients called adaptogens and represents an entirely new approach to equine nutrition.


APF’s broad benefits support your horse’s natural ability to “adapt” to stress. These unique nutrients support the bodies ability to manage the damaging effects of stress through every stage of your horse’s life — beginning with the developing musculo-skeletal and immune systems of the foal, through the competitive career of the elite performance horse,  to the support of the senior equine companion.


Stress weakens the immune system, decreases the ability of the cells to access and metabolise energy and can seriously impact your horse’s health and performance.  Over the course of your horses life stress can also lead to numerous degenerative processes.


Cortisol released by stress can reduce glucose uptake in cells by 20% or more.  Stress from any source creates complex molecules called beta-lipoproteins which can result in a 30 – 40% decrease in the utilisation of glucose within the cell.   APF can support the bodies ability to counteract the effects of stress through aiding the liver to convert glycogen to glucose, sustaining the entry of glucose into cells and by supporting the utiliziation of glucose once inside the cell.


With APF, your horse will be supported in achieving a higher level of fitness more rapidly and safely.  His immune system will be supported to maintain healthy strength to withstand the challenges of training, competition, stabling and transportation.  He will adjust more easily to varying environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and altitude.


  • supports proper immune function
  • supports normal glucose metabolism
  • supports overall stress response

Your horse’s daily dose of insurance.


Suitable for competition horses, horses experiencing stress or anxiety, post recovery from illness, lame horses, horses on box rest, horses with compromised immune or metabolic function.


“APF has been 100% successful in preventing the depression and appetite suppression you can get from pergolide.”

Eleanor M. Kellon, V.M.D.
Equine Nutritional Solutions


“…we found supplementation with APF can result in significant improvements in blood insulin levels, laminitic symptoms and overall energy and appetite.”

HORSE JOURNAL, October 2002

Equine APF - Advanced Protection Formula for Horses

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  • APF delivers

    • Natural herbal extract offers nutritional support for multiple stressors
    • Multiple ingredients in a balanced formula for maximum benefit
    • Concentrated liquid formula readily absorbed
    • Easily mixed into daily ration
    • Protects the energy cycle by maximizing glucose in the cell
    • Aids in the production and maintenance of skeletal muscle
    • Accelerates cell repair following injury or illness
    • Provides valuable suport to the immune system
    • Helps regulate body systems disrupted by stress
    • Improves adaptation to environmental stress
    • Safe and recommended for long-term, daily use
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