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VIP Membership

Sharing our knowledge of hoof care and beyond

We have decades of experience and wisdom and we want to share it with you! We invite you to join our growing community of VIP members and access members only resources!

If like us and our clients, you are passionate about whole horse hoof care and want to learn from the comfort of your home (or yard, or paddock - all you need is internet access!), then look no further!

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For the first time, integrative equine podiatry and holistic hoof care is accessible, easy to understand and in available to you online... and from anywhere in the World!
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Access great resources

Your VIP Membership will give you access to additional resources including:

  • Exclusive educational videos and articles related to whole horse hoof care 

  • Recordings of webinars - normally a paid for resource 

  • Detailed case studies 

  • Instructional videos and top tips on maintaining and achieving healthy ideals

Membership benefits

VIP Membership benefits also include:

  • 10% off online consults/mentorship with Beccy 

  • 10% off our unique online courses (our first paid for self study course is launching early January 2024)

  • 10% off our unique educational events 

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Membership can be purchased for as little as £22/month and there is a minimum 3 months subscription period. You can cancel at any time after that however any resource or discounted services or product will only be available at the membership rate for the duration of the membership.

Membership fees go towards the creation of the resources which take considerable time and also supports our non-profit aims.


VIP Membership is accessible now to take advantage of discounts, however detailed case studies and educational videos for VIP Members only and online courses will be available in early 2024. As a member you will be informed when resources and online courses become available.

Become a VIP Membership Plan Member today!

Members only resources & discounts for equine advocates and supporters of Holistic Equine | Holistic Reflections CIC

  • VIP Membership Subscription for 3 months

    Every month
    Members only resources & discounts for equine advocates for £66 (£22/month for 3 months in total)
    • VIP Members only resources - webinar recordings & videos
    • 10% off listed events with Beccy
    • 10% off online courses
    • Support Holistic Reflections CIC 100% non-profit aims

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