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Beccy Smith


Team leader, CEO, independent equine podiatrist/barefoot trimmer, equine body worker, consultant, therapist, wellness coach, equine facilitated learning practitioner Reiki master and healer.

Beccy has over 28 years equine industry professional experience and is a highly proficient and respected holistic equine podiatrist. She is qualified in advanced equine podiatry and a Certified Lazaris Nerve Release Method Practitioner and considers herself an independent lifelong pupil of the horse. 

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"Be fiercely authentic and become the person your horse needs you to be!"
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Beccy is also a SCENAR-cosmodic therapist and Equine Sports Massage therapist and trained with the International Equine Body Workers Association (IEBW). She is also a qualified BHS groom and has a BSc. honors degree in Equine Technology and Business. In addition, Beccy is a wellness coach and qualified healer and member of the International Church of Healing Fellowship. Beccy is also an Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioner after studying with the HERD Institute and Certified HeartMath Coach with the HeartMath Institute.

In 2023, Beccy became certified in Lazaris Nerve Release Technique TM and is currently one of 6 certified practitioners in the UK.


Beccy has worked in a number of prestigious equine facilities including Gleaneagles Equestrian Centres in Scotland and Trent Park Equestrian Centre in London before becoming a yard manager for the British Armed Forces in Cyprus. After leaving Cyprus in 2001, Beccy briefly worked as an RSPCA inspector but soon returned to her passion full-time once more and whilst in her mid twenties, Beccy opened her own Equine Rehabilitation Centre and Luxury Livery in East Yorkshire. 'Equilux Livery Ltd' was featured in a Horse and Hound magazine in 2004 as one of the 'top 3 poshest liveries in the UK!'.


After selling the business in 2007 Beccy continued professional training and was soon self-employed full-time as an equine therapist and later, a podiatrist and her business 'Holistic Equine' was a phenomenal success. Her customers were based all over the country and included the horses and ponies at Think Like A Pony HQ in Leeds and pioneering equine feed company Thunderbrook Equestrian in Norfolk.

In 2014, Beccy and her family relocated back to their roots in West Cumbria and she started an orthotics manufacturing business with her husband Mark. From 2015 to 2018, Beccy has developed both her entrepreneurial and healing skills and qualified as a healer with the International Church of Healing Fellowship in 2017. Beccy continues to develop her spiritual skills and also continues to learn advanced podiatry.


In 2018, Beccy rebranded and joined forces with her mother Val and Holistic Reflections was born! Beccy has become passionate about not only helping horses but people and their pets too. Holistic Equine is now an educational website dedicated to informing about holistic horse care and raising welfare standards.


At this time, Val was already an established complementary and holistic therapist and had left her own part-time practice in Whitehaven to join Beccy in Yorkshire. When they and their horses started to get sick because of the toxic environment they were living in, they took a holistic approach to horse care and both retrained as wellness coaches with the intention of helping both horses and people.

Beccy is thoroughly dedicated to helping people, pets and horses beyond those she and Val can visit in person and they believe education is the key. In 2018, a series of educational talks and demos were introduced and these will be extended in 2019 to include workshops and conferences. 


Beccy hopes she inspires others to seek ways to connect, balance and evolve their own lives and those of their animals too in the hope that we can all lead happier, healthier, longer and more fulfilled lives!


Beccy's qualifications

Qualifications and courses attended

  • BSc. (Hons) Equine Technology and Business Degree (1997)

  • BHS Stage III Equine Management (1998)

  • BHS Stage III Riding (1998)

  • Reiki Level I and II (1999)

  • Reiki Master-Degree III (2010)

  • HND Animal Psychology and Zoology year 1 (2002)

  • EBW Equine Body Worker Level I (2008)

  • Applied Equine Podiatry Theory Level I (2010)

  • Applied Equine Podiatry Level 1 Practical (2010)

  • Degreed Applied Equine Podiatrist (DAEP) (2010)

  • The Saddle Company saddle fitter (2013)

  • WOW saddle fitter (2014)

  • Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioner (2019)

  • HeartMath Certified Coach (2020)

  • Level II (Advanced Level) Applied Equine Podiatry (2020)

  • Certified Lazaris Nerve Release Technique Practitioner (2023)


On-going qualifications/courses/studies

  • Independent research and study of the horses hoof, posture and wellbeing

  • Mediumship and spiritual studies

  • Equiculture

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Areas of speciality

  • Holistic horse care/therapy and keeping horses in harmony with nature

  • Integrative and Holistic whole horse hoof care (barefoot or  shoeless hoof care)

  • Equine/Human relationships and what horses teach us

  • Supporting the owner in their personal and spiritual evolution alongside their horse

Courses/Conferences Attended

  • RSCPA Inspector Rank training (2003)

  • Relationship between Lameness and Back Issues (with Dr Chris Colles MRCVS; 2007)

  • Equine Exercise Physiology (with Dr David Marlin; 2007)

  • Equine Biomechanics and Gait Analysis (with Dr Hilary Clayton, BVMs, PhD, MRCVS; 2008)

  • Applied Equine Podiatry theory and practical courses (2009/2010)

  • NRC Nutrition (Dr E Kellon) (2010)

  • Equine Cushing's and Insulin Resistance (Dr E Kellon) (2010)

  • 5 day Applied Equine Podiatry CPD with KC LaPierre (July 2011)

  • 5 day Advanced AEP theory course (January 2012)

  • 5 day Advanced AEP practical course (September 2012)

  • 2 day Horses Inside Out Conference on "Asymmetry" (February 2013)

  • Dragon in The Land energy dowsing course with Geopathic Property Doctor Martin Wood (May 2013)

  • The Saddle Company Training Certification in saddle awareness, saddle fitting and  saddle adjustment (May 2013)

  • The Saddle Company saddle flocking course (June 2013)

  • 2 day Horses Inside Out Conference on "The Horse's Back and Beyond" (February 2014)

  • WOW saddle fitting (March 2014)

  • 5 day Applied Equine Podiatry course level 1 CPD (March 2014)

  • 2 day Applied Anatomy and Equine Biomechanics with Gillian Higgins/Horses Inside Out (March 2014)

  • 3 day course on laminitis, chronic founder and equine osteoarthritis with KC LaPierre from the IAEP (November 2018)

  • 2 day International Equine Touch Conference (as guest speaker - 2019)

  • Intensive online course in Practitioner in Lazaris Nerve Release Method, (certified July 2023)

  • Continuous online learning from peers and own research/documentation/innovation (ongoing)

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