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Be selfish, spoil yourself and learn from the best
... your horse will thank you for it!

Imagine having someone to ask anything you ever wanted to ask about hooves? Beccy has been described as a "walking encyclopaedia of hooves", plus she has a reputation for being an excellent, teacher and can make an apparently complex topic easy to understand.  


If you are reading this, you already know what you want - expert help and real guidance so you can better support your horse and get on with having fun! Maybe you care for a horse with problems or like our clients, you are seeking a PRO-Active approach to prevent injury and trauma to the horse you love.

Mentorship with Beccy can provide a unique and nurturing learning environment for the conscientious horse owner/carer or the equine professional seeking to further their knowledge of PRO-Active Integrative hoof care. 

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It doesn't matter how long you have cared for horses, there's ALWAYS something you have always wanted to learn and didn't know who to turn to.. until now!
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Mentorship with Beccy

Beccy is the founder of Holistic Equine and Holistic Reflections CIC and has 31 years equine industry experience, including 4 years as an equine facilitate learning practitioner and HeartMath coach,15 years as a professional holistic equine podiatrist, 17 years as an equine body worker and 25 years as a qualified groom. Beccy also has a degree to BSc (Hons) level in Equine Technology and Business. Beccy is passionate about sharing her knowledge and supporting individuals who appreciate the benefits of boosting well-being and lasting resilience in the horses we all love! 

Mentorship is tailor made to meet your needs and can be online or in-person (subject to geographical limitations) and you can decide how much or how little you want or how often you want it.  

We can provide one-to-one mentorship or to small groups of up to 10. You might want to get together with a friend or colleague to support one another in your learning. It may also be more accessible this way too! 

What does it entail?

Typically, mentorship usually involves one or more of the following topics:

  • Horse handling, behaviour & signs of pain/tension/stress

  • How to recognise healthy posture and hoof ideals 

  • Hoof and posture assessment and hoof mapping using Hoofmapp app

  • How to care for hooves between professional visits 

  • How to provide a supportive environment 

  • Management of the barefoot horse 

  • Understanding positive interventions to promote healthy ideals 

  • How to transition a horse from shoes to barefoot 

  • Caring for the metabolically challenged horse or pony

  • Care and prevention of laminitic and navicular equines

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Prices & how to book

We provide mentorship by the hour (£150/hour), by the half day (£400), or full day mentorship (£800).


This can be on-site at our HQ at Holistic Reflections CIC in Cumbria or at your yard. Travel is in addition at £0.50/mile return from HQ (CA22 2PJ)* plus any overnight accommodation charges at cost (where appropriate). If we are visiting an area, travel costs will be shared.

Please complete the below online enquiry form if you are seeking mentorship with Beccy. You can go ahead and book and pay online too although its best to call and chat with Beccy first. If you have any questions, contact us! 

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