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Service Price List

We travel throughout the UK providing premium/high quality whole horse focused integrative equine podiatry consults and therapies. 

We are unlike any other hoof care provider we know and we are described as "not your average barefoot hoof care provider or trimmer!"


We provide evidence based equine podiatry services and will monitor objectively your horses hoof morphology throughout hoof rehab and beyond. 

Our service doesnt end when we leave your yard or zoom meeting at the end of your appointment...  we offer on-going support.

If you want to book a consult, please fill in our consult inquiry form here...


To save much time and energy, please complete the consult inquiry form in the first instance if looking to book an online or in person support/service. 

Please also note, our inbox is not monitored 24/7 as our staff may be out of the office, helping people and horses. We will do our very best to get back to you as soon as we are able to, which might take a few days.

Lastly, our appointments are provided on a first come, first served basis. Our existing clients, already committed to their horses rehab and maintenance will receive our ongoing support as a priority. While we understand it may be frustrating or upsetting to not be offered an appointment straight away, we do have new appointments coming available on a regular basis and have a waiting list for those wanting our service.


Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Full Service Price List (Prices include VAT - and while we have registered for VAT we have not yet received VAT registration number)


  • Hoof/posture/radiograph mark ups - £100

  • Hoof/posture/radiograph mark ups report - £180 

  • Integrative Equine Podiatry consult - £180 (or £300 with detailed report)

  • Online Equine Podiatry consult recorded via zoom - £180/hour (or £300 with detailed report)

  • Integrative Equine Podiatry in combination with BTMM/Lazaris Nerve Release therapy session body work -  £300 (or £400 with detailed report)

  • BTMM/Lazaris Nerve Release therapy session body work -  £180 (or £300 with detailed report)

  • ​Additional consult time: £100.00/hour

  • Application of Hoof Armour (subject to availability): £60/horse

  • In person tailored mentorship with Beccy: £180/hour

  • Attend with vet, farrier, etc: £100.00/hour

  • Full day (7 hours) tailored mentorship: £960.00  - NB this is for mentorship or combined mentorship and podiatry services and not a trimming service

  • Half day (3.5 hours) tailored mentorship: £48.00

Travel: THIS IS FREE ON GROUP REGIONAL VISITS OF 10 OR MORE HORSES/VISIT. otherwise we charge £0.50/mile return from CA22 2PJ plus accommodation (which might be shared)

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