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We want all of our customers to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with Holistic Reflections.

All of our services exist to make your lives easier and improve the health and performance of your horse. You can trust us to provide a top quality customer service too.

We invite you to browse our very special services we provide just for horses and if you would like more information about our full range of services for people, pets and horses, visit our main site at www.holisticreflections.co.uk

AEP consult | barefoot trimming

Applied Equine Podiatry Consultation

Holistic Equine Podiatry (using AEP and the HPT method) is our comprehensive consultancy service where we facilitate the return or maintenance of health and performance in the equine hoof. Suitable for shod or barefoot horses and very popular with conscientious horse owners, barefoot enthusiasts, transitioning horses to barefoot and where lameness or loss of performance is an issue. Please visit our article 'What's in a trim' for more info visit our section on podiatry, barefoot hoof careand hoof related information: Applied Equine Podiatry.

Duration: Typically 1.5 hours (inc. site visit, AEP assessment, barefoot trim if appropriate, infection control, Spectrum of Usability report and written recommendations).

Barefoot Trimming

AEP Consultations | Barefoot Trimming & Hoof Care

For Proactive Hoof Care

This is our maintenance barefoot trim service where we facilitate the return or maintenance of health and performance in the equine hoof. Suitable for established barefoot horses, horses which have transitioned from shoes to barefoot and sound barefoot horses. Very popular with conscientious horse owners looking to provide expert and proactive hoof care support for their horse. 

Where lameness or loss of performance is an issue, or if you require additional support, we recommend our more comprehensive service; AEP Consultation.

Duration: Typically 30 mins to 1 hour 

SCENAR-cosmodic therapy

SCENAR Cosmodic Therapy

For people pets and horses

SCENAR & cosmodic therapy offers a safe and effective route to help return function to compromised body states and tissues. Via skin contact it provides pain relief and encourages healing at DNA level

Duration: approx 1.5 hour (including assessment and could be less but generally not more as it depends on the individual and their response - we are guided by the device!)

Holistic Wellness Consultation

Wellness Consultations | Rehab livery

For People and Horses

Let us help you to discover where the key is to unlock your horses full potential. We can facilitate a return to health, wellness and high perfrormance or simply help you provide a richer environment for  know how you can help plive a richer, more abundant life.

Price: £50 (plus travel at £10/hour return from CA22 2PJ)

Duration: approximately 1.5 hours

Equine Body work/sports massage therapy

For Horses

Holistic assessment of the horse inc. gait analysis and foot health, saddlery & rider balance. Massage therapy for promoting healthy posture and wellness and useful recommendations for holistic health

Duration: approx 1.5 hours

Reiki Energy

For People pets and horses

All of our services, especially this one, exist to make your horses life easier and less stressful. Reiki is a safe, painless  method suitable for young and old, people and animals!

Price: £25 (plus travel at £10/hour from CA22 2PJ)

Duration: approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour

ICHF Spiritual Healing

3 person ICHF energy work

For people, pets and horses

Beccy and Val are qualified healers with the International Church of Healing Fellowship and offer this gentle spiritual healing free of charge. It is generally hands on (over clothes) and takes only 4 minutes. It is safe for all ages and is popular with people and animals. Donations can be given to the ICHF and if you would like to become a spiritual healer, please contact the ICHF (http://www.ichf.org.uk/). 

Price: £0 (plus travel at £10/hour from CA22 2PJ)

Duration: approximately 5 minutes

Declaration for Service / Therapy / Healing of animals

Permission must be confirmed in writing before healing or therapy can be given. Please return completed declaration forms to info@holisticreflections.co.uk


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