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Sharing our knowledge of whole horse hoof care and beyond

Holistic Equine provide high quality equine consultations and other services including Lazaris Nerve Release for owners who are seeking deeper understanding of their horse’s hoof health and overall well-being.


We specialise in providing high quality solutions for horses that are having persistent, unusual or otherwise extreme issues with their feet or whole body. This might be anything from chronically lame or footy horses, chronic laminitis cases or horses  with unbalanced feet where owners recognise that something is "not quite right" with their horse, but cannot quite figure out what is actually going on, or what to do to help them.

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If you have an issue with your horse that you have not solved, please get in touch – we would love to help you and are proven experts at providing solutions to hoof related problems!
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What our clients say

Sarah from Cumbria

"Beccy was recommended to me for Equine Podiatry Consultations. Her approach is unique, her knowledge is encyclopaedic and her approach really inclusive, I really look forward to her visits. Lovely manner, diligent and thorough. I was searching for good quality hoof care considered as part of the full horse including age, environment, and general health, I am extremely satisfied with the outcome"

Our strengths lie in our integrative, holistic approach and genuine desire to understand the whole horse, and most importantly our passion to improve the lives of our equine and human clients. We can provide a full assessment of the whole horse, to confirm if your horse’s hooves are balanced and healthy, how these relate to the horses posture, development, and provide relevant information about what to do if any issues are identified. We can assess both barefoot and shod horses!

As well as providing consultations, we also provide Lazaris Nerve Release sessions and can combine these with equine podiatry consultations for a truly integrative and holistic approach to supporting your horses wellbeing. We have a wealth of educational resources available to horse owners; our online learning materials, mentorship, and events equip owners to become proactively involved in their horse’s hoof care, to prevent lameness and achieve their goal of having a sound and resilient horse.

We accept that not all horses are able to thrive in domestication shoeless and can provide detailed assessment for owners seeking to go barefoot and transition their horse successfully to a barefoot life. Our knowledge, experience and open-minded approach to hoof care equips us to find the very best intervention to promote ideal hoof and posture in every horse, in every unique situation - whether this is barefoot, booted, or shod.

As part of our service we work with the owner and their team (farrier, vet, therapist, trainer) to formulate a plan to improve or maintain optimum hoof health and ideal posture, and happily guide the owner in how they can support their horse’s hoof health between consults. We are not biased towards any one method or approach and will recommend shoeing as in intervention if we feel a barefoot horses will genuinely benefit from this.

We offer consultations in person and online, this way we can help horse owners across the UK and beyond. We work from our HQ at Holistic Reflections CIC in West Cumbria. We travel extensively in the UK on a regular basis to assist owners in providing the very best body work and integrative hoof care solutions and educational opportunities.

Why Choose Holistic Equine

More than trimming

Holistic Equine is much more than “just” a barefoot trimming service. We offer a deeper dive into the cause of a horse’s hoof-related problems and our broader, holistic perspective allows for novel problem solving and detailed documentation. We offer support for the body via Lazaris Nerve Release body work sessions



Beccy’s experience,  educational background to BSc Hons degree level and industry qualifications as well as continued professional development makes her an innovative and forward-thinking industry leader and pioneer in the field of integrative equine podiatry and hoof care.


We are compassionate, non-judgmental, open-minded and authentic in our attitude and approach to integrative and holistic hoof care. We encourage our clients to be fiercely authentic too and to explore all appropriate hoof care options. 

Commitment to our clients

We are respectful to every individual situation and give 100% to every client, horse and appointment. We listen to our clients and encourage an open and honest dialogue which helps us grow and evolve. We are organised and reliable and will provide objective evidence to help your team assess and make the best decisions for your horse

We find solutions

We are constantly evolving and create new ideas to support horse owners, carers and professionals in supporting the horses we all love, the best way we know how to. Our results and outcomes reflect our clients’ delight in our solutions, even of we aren't the expert to deliver them! 

We're kind to your horse

Our patient approach and kind trimming methods help horses overcoming their reluctance to be trimmed.

We are sensitive to the needs of every horse and will  give them the individual assessment and tailored approach they all deserve, and at every appointment.

We give you confidence

We give clients the confidence, reassurance and skills to care for a barefoot horse, which can be daunting on a yard where the majority of horses are shod. We equip owners to become proactively involved in hoof care between professional appointments.

We empower you

We show clients how to effectively deal with common hoof problems such as footiness, hoof cracks, infections and selecting the right hoof boots and pads. We help you make informed decisions and give you the confidence to advocate for your horse.

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How to book our (in-person) services

The first step is to complete an online enquiry form.





There are some circumstances where we cannot take on a new client (for example if the horse requires vet care for its condition), so an initial discussion about your horse’s situation may be necessary to discuss your needs and the suitability of our services.

If our in-person services are suitable, we will send an appointment invite by email and attached will be an invoice for pre-payment by BACS. If you wish to pay by credit card, email us and we will send

If you wish to book an online consult, visit our page below to learn how to prepare, book and pay for an online consult, which is available to anyone in the world!

In any event, it is important the enquiry form is completed beforehand as this allows us to gather crucial information about your horse, which in turns enables us to fully prepare for the in-person or online consult

We're good, but even we can't work miracles

There are occasions when we are not able to take on the new client, for example if the horse is lame but the owner is reluctant to contact a vet, or if we feel that the owner is not willing to put the horse’s needs before their own. These instances are rare, but they do happen. So we want to be open and honest from the start, and if we feel that your horse needs different interventions other than our services, we will tell you this. Sometimes we simply cannot attend in person due to our schedule.

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Holistic Equine logo black heart
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Read about our other services

Where are we?

We try to be flexible and responsive to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. Beccy frequently travels around the UK supporting owners in facilitating optimum hoof and body balance in their horses. 

Learn where Beccy is planing to travel and you can contact us to register your interest for any of our services or events in your region.

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