Online Equine Podiatry Consultations

Expert guidance at the comfort of your own home

As we are not able to travel to everyone who needs our services, we also offer consultations online. These are ideal for horse owners who care for their horse’s hooves themselves, are too far away for us to travel to, or they want additional support relating to their horse’s hoof care.

Online consultations are tailor made for every client, and complement our existing online learning resources.
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Benefits of an online consultation

Available anywhere in the world

You receive expert support from the comfort of your home. We can help clients anywhere in the world.

Accessible and affordable help and guidance from a leading integrative equine podiatrist.

Analysis and recommendations

Learn about your horse’s posture and gait, receive a hoof health assessment along with recommended course of action based on photos and videos which you take and send to us.

Hoof score

Assessment includes signs of pathology and distortion in the hoof, heel-to-toe ratio, dorsal-palmar balance and hoof-pastern angles which help provide a hoof score. The score is used as a tool to indicate the current level of work the horse might be expected to perform at without causing harm.

Guidance for improvement

Recommendations will be provided on hoof care and trimming to help address distortions and advice is given on how to improve the hoof score, and therefore boost the horse’s level of performance, soundness, well-being and resilience to trauma, injury, disease and infection.

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How it works

After an online consultation has been booked and paid for, we will send you instructions for taking the required photos and a link to our standard pre-consultation questionnaire, which is designed to provide us with all key information regarding your horse. These must be received by us no less than 5 working days before your scheduled consultation.

After you have purchased an online consultation, we will contact you via email to arrange a suitable time for the consultation to take place.

Online consultations last 60 minutes, and during it we present our findings to you in a PowerPoint format. After the consultation, you will receive a summary report by email within five working days after the online consult. The report includes annotated photos and the PowerPoint slides used in the consult.

Hoof Scoring

During a visit we measure your horse’s current hoof health by scoring it on a scale from 0-6. Your horse’s current hoof score is an important piece of information, designed to help keep track of the hoof health progress objectively. Hoof scoring guides owners regarding what the horse is currently capable of comfortably with in terms of work or physical environment. Exceeding the horse’s currently capability can lead to injury, so it’s important to work the horse within its comfortable capabilities, and work holistically to increase the hoof score to the desired level.

Hoof scoring helps guide our clients on how they can PRO-actively care for their horse and provide on-going improvements to their horse’s well-being and resilience to injury, trauma, disease and infection.

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Need more support?

Our clients can expect our full support and commitment to helping solve their problems and access to help doesn’t start or end within the appointment. Clients are invited to schedule on-going support by Zoom, Messenger/FB, email or phone should they need it. They can also browse our solutions, join our membership programme or attend courses and events to learn more about pro-active, holistic and integrative hoof care for their horse.

Price & how to book

Online equine podiatry consultations:

Approx 1 hour. 


£75.00 p/h

Holistic Equine Members get an additional 10% off all consultations, mentorship, listed events and courses. Read more about the membership here.

To book an online equine podiatry consultation, fill out our consult enquiry form. We will then review your information and contact you to arrange a suitable time for your consultation. You can go ahead and book and pay online too!

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