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Educational Events

Equipping you with greater knowledge and skills

We specialise in promoting well-being and resilience from the hoof up and we want to share our knowledge and passion with you!


Recognising ideal hoof proportions and posture, and knowing how to best support your horses health early is essential to promote well-being, resilience and longevity in the horses – a must for every conscientious horse owner!

Join Beccy, leading integrative equine podiatrist and hoof care expert for intensive learning experiences for open-minded and diligent horse owners and professionals.

We offer one-day and half-day events as well as bespoke educational and mentorship experiences tailor made just for you or your organisation.

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Become the person your horse needs you to be and become a conscientious and PRO-Active horse advocate with our help!
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Holistic Equine Events


Imagine if you could prevent an injury to your horse before it happened? How would you feel if you could make better choices for your horse which meant your horse stayed sounder, for longer?


Let us help you become an informed horse guardian. Education is the key to give you the strength to make better decisions, more often and prevent the challenges faced by many horse owners. Our intensive full and half day learning days are perfect for the conscientious and PRO-Active horse owner and if you cannot find an event in your region, why not contact us and become a host or organise a bespoke event for you, your friends or team members!

Professional CPD Events

Beccy’s experience, educational background, qualifications and continued professional development makes her an innovative and forward-thinking industry leader and pioneer in the field of equine podiatry and hoof care.

Education is key for prevention PRO-Active prevention of trauma, injury, disease and infection and we will help you recognise healthy hoof and posture ideals in the horse you help. Our CPD event are ideal for all  professionals including vets, farriers, trimmers, podiatrists, saddle fitters, therapists, nutritionists, trainers and professional grooms/managers.

Bespoke Events

You can create your own event which can be a half day, full day or 2 day educational or informational event.

We can provide lectures, demos, webinars or videocasts on any topic related to holistic horse care or Integrative and proactive hoof care. These can be online or in-person.


We have given lectures and presentations at Conferences and welcome invitation as a guest speaker or presenter at your college, institution or organisation. We are equally happy to attend at private venues. Please complete the event booking form 

No upcoming events at the moment
Want to host a similar event and save £250?

We try to be flexible and responsive to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. Beccy frequently travels around the UK supporting owners in facilitating optimum hoof and body balance in their horses. If you would like to host an event like this, please register your interest below. You will need a suitable all-weather interactive lecture area, toilet, parking, seating and preferably, also a suitable horse for assessment and trim demo. 

Please complete our online events form here and we will contact you very soon! Thank you for your interest.

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What our clients say

Sam from Somerset

"Beccy was recommended to me and I attended a bespoke event. I wanted to learn more about hoof care and management to support me in rehabbing my own horses and I was very satisfied with the outcome to my problem. I loved the course it was excellent and Beccy is a brilliant teacher. There is so much to learn that I would need to repeat the course again and probable again to let the learning sink in. You take the time to explain so that I can understand. I learnt more in one day than I have in the past 3 years!"

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