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Available now for only £66.33/month for 3 months (£199 in total)

PRO-Active Hoof Mapping for Lameness Prevention in Horses

Master the art of mapping to recognise healthy hoof and posture ideals using popular evidence-based hoof mapping tool HoofmApp, objectivity track changes over time, and adopt a PRO-active approach proven in preventing and solving lameness issues in horses
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This is a programme for the busy equine advocate or professional without any prior hoof or mapping knowledge, who wants to better understand horses hoof health and enjoy the benefits this provides.

There really is no horse without a healthy, optimally functioning hoof. But what, you might ask, is a healthy hoof?… this course will help you ‘see’ the hoof and even objectively measure any hoof from a lateral photograph and using modern podiatry and farriery science it will help you understand if it has ideal or unhealthy morphology (function and form). Knowing this will help you make more informed decisions and tailor your hoof care or professional advice based on where you want the hoof to be in the future, and track minute changes along the way

If you care for or work with horses, you need to understand what is a healthy hoof, and what is an unhealthy hoof as well as be able to accurately and objectively assess hooves and posture using evidence based research, as well as how to track changes over time, and in response to efforts to support horses well being from the hoof, up.

In this programme, there are 28 high quality lessons including 28 videos and nearly 6 hours of recordings including community calls which contnue to be added, and all in an easy to understand format designed to super-boost your understanding of the equine hoof like never before. All delivered by leading integrative (body and hoof) equine podiatry rehab specialist and founder of Holistic Equine, Beccy Smith.

This course also provides guidance and insight into mapping the horses posture using the same hoof mapping tool used to map the hoof.

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28 lessons 

28 videos

Launched Feb 2024

Could there be a successful PRO-Active hoof and horse mapper in you?

  • Maybe you have tried to support your horses health and your expectations haven’t been met

  • Maybe you are supporting your clients horses hooves or bodies and your clients expectations haven’t been met

  • Maybe you are wondering if you have enough confidence and ability to hoof map and be able to discern if what you are doing with your horse (or your clients horses) is actually helping or not (spoiler: you absolutely DO).

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Wherever you are at in your journey to understanding horses, PRO-Active Hoof Mapping for Lameness Prevention in Horses programme gives you a proven approach to almost instantly recognise and identify if any horses has a healthy hoof – which can have life changing impacts on equine well being.

All you need is a desire to learn… and a proven approach!

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In this programme, you will learn the secrets of people who evidence incredible improvements in horses using hoof and body mapping tools, including;

  1. Learn how to recognise healthy hoof and posture ideals for a PRO-active approach to prevent and solve lameness and performance issues in horses

  2. Understand the power of evidence based modern podiatry and farriery in supporting optimum soundness in horses, holistically and objectively

  3. Discover how to take a quality hoof and posture photo

  4. Be empowered and gain confidence in tracking changes and making informed decisions when advocating for horses

  5. Become proficient in using #1 hoof mapping app HoofmApp to quickly and easily map and assess a lateral hoof and posture photo

  6. Learn how to use HoofmApp to create an accurate visual of the ideal hoof like a PRO

  7. BONUS CONTENT to super boost your knowledge and understanding of the equine hoof and help you visualise a better future for the horses we all love!

Whether you’re looking to support your own horse, or seeking a career breakthrough with greater expertise and influence in your field, working with clients horses, this programme will help you achieve your fullest potential and impact as a PRO-Active equine advocate.

As such, this course is designed for:

  • Horse owners, guardians, or keepers

  • Farriers, trimmers and equine podiatrists professionals

  • Livery managers, trainers, coaches and behaviourists

  • Physios, body workers of all descriptions

  • Nutritionists, healers and animal communicators

  • Dentists, saddlers, bitting and bridle fitters

  • Journalists, equine welfare officers, equine advocates and researchers

  • Vets, vet nurses and other equine health industry related professionals

The intervention applied in this example clearly resulted in a more relaxed and healthy posture and this offers powerful objective information to all team members.

This could be observed within minutes or over a period of time and could easily have been as a result of a veterinary intervention, saddle fit, dentistry, animal communication, a change of bit, body work, or trim, and so on....

Imagine how empowering this is to all team members and the value this brings to all concerned?

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28 self

paced lessons

On your PC

tablet or smartphone

Explore the Course Curriculum

PRO-Active Hoof Mapping for Lameness Prevention in Horses is an online programme that guides you through every step of Beccy's proven approach to hoof mapping. You will join Beccy with easy to follow daily lessons including videos that equip you with the tools to create powerful shifts in your knowledge and understanding of what constitutes an ideal healthy hoof. By the end of the programme you will be able to hoof map and visualise the ideal hoof, like a PRO.

Part 1 – Preparation for mapping

This will introduce the topic so you have a foundation of understand of the hoof as well as proper preparation for mapping.

Highlights include:

  • Parts of the hoof

  • Glossary of podiatry terms

  • How to photograph the hoof and posture of the horse

  • Preparation for hoof mapping using HoofmApp app

  • And much more

Part 2 – The value of hoof (and body) mapping

Most equestrians and industry professionals do not understand the value of documenting and rarely use science based evidence to objectively assess the horse. As such, most people employ a RE-active approach, rather than a PRO-active approach and often, expectations are un-met, leading to disappointment frustration and sometimes, heartache, as horses experience lameness and loss of performance, and at times, a premature and untimely death.

This part helps you appreciate the power of being able to assess the impact of interventions commonly used to care for horses so you can make better decisions and foster a pro-active approach and as such, help prevent lameness, promote soundness and improve equine wellbeing. This helps horses, and people too!

Highlights include:

  • The benefits of a RE-active versus a PRO-active approach

  • Healthy hoof ideals

  • Healthy posture ideals

  • Using hoof mapping to good effect

  • And much more

Part 3 – How to map

There is a science behind hoof mapping using HoofmApp app and this section take you step by step through the process of mapping the lateral photo, using screen videos of actual hoof mapping in action.

Highlights include:

  • Step by step instructional videos

  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them

  • And much more (including BONUS video revealed in the course!)


Part 4 – Identifying healthy hoof ideals

Now that you have learned how to hoof map a hoof in its present morphology, learn how to map and visualise the ideal healthy hoof morphology! This is Beccy’s super power and can provide a power visualization tool to help inform a horses team of professionals why a horse might be lame or under performing.

Highlights include:

  • Evaluating your hoof mark up

  • Evaluating your horses posture mark up

  • Creating a visual of the horses ideal hoof morphology

  • And much more..

Course prerequisites

No previous knowledge or experience necessary however might to first complete the FREE online course ‘How to document the horses hoof and body like a PRO’ You will also need access to a horse, or model hoof, a camera (you can use your smart phone) and HoofmApp app, which is available for purchase separately for android and iOS smartphones or tablets and not included in this course fee. You can access the course from your smart phone, tablet or PC, from anywhere in the world.


What is included

  • On demand video recordings and real life examples

  • Bonus content and live video calls and recordings added

  • Full lifetime access

  • Accessible on mobile, PC or tablet

  • Access to a Facebook community for discussions and sharing

No previous knowledge necessary

Bonus content plus community calls

Beccy Smith, course creator & teacher

Beccy Smith is the founder and CEO of Holistic Equine / Holistic Reflections CIC (not-for profit community interest company) with 32 years industry experience and a multitude of professional qualifications up to degree level.


Beccy passionately believes in educating to promote compassionate equestrianism, it’s at the heart of everything she does. She believes in empowering people by sharing quality, evidence backed and proven practices to help you help the horses in your care and through years of documenting, she knows it works. We believe this information which we share in this programme should be available for use to good effect to as many equine advocates as possible.

Trainer credentials

  • Beccy’s qualifications include BSc (Hons) Equine Technology and Business, ADAEP Advanced Level Diploma in Applied Equine Podiatry, Equine Body Worker, Lazaris Nerve Release Practitioner, Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioner, HeartMath Coach, Reiki Master, and much more.


  • She shares her passion and knowledge with organisations and individuals online and in-person via events and collaborates with other forward-thinking organisations and individuals where equine welfare is a priority.

  • Beccy provides in-person consults throughout the UK and on-line consults worldwide to empower equine advocates, owners and professionals in supporting PRO-Active and evidence backed equine rehab from an integrative (hoof and body) perspective and shares her results on social media to help promote the CIC’s aims and compassionate equestrianism, for the benefit of all.

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What students say about Beccy and our educational events

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"The thing I love most is the science backed, horse led approach

She passionately educated me and empowered me to learn more about hoof morphology and it's affect on the entire horse. Her wealth of knowledge on the whole horse and holistic approach really feels how modern horse care should be. Now I've been exposed to what healthy hooves should actually look like, I don't think I'll ever be able to unsee it!"


From Gemma - Northamptonshire

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Join our VIP Membership subscription and benefit from a reduced course price

As a Member, you will benefit from:

  • Instant access to otherwise paid for educational resources

  • 10% off our unique online courses (including this one)

  • 10% off our unique educational events


Your VIP Membership will give you unlimited access to additional resources including:

  • Exclusive educational videos and articles related to whole horse hoof care

  • Recordings of webinars - normally a paid for resource

  • Detailed case studies

  • Instructional videos and top tips on maintaining and achieving healthy ideals



Course price

This information is not just for the elite, well-learned equine professionals. We firmly believe it should be accessible to anyone with a desire to learn. If you would like to join as a VIP Member, this will be reduced to £355.50 at checkout, saving you £39.50!

Here’s what your personal growth path could look like in 2024…

FIRST sign up for this programme and then sign up for the up coming free community call events just for course members  where you can share with Beccy and your community, your mark ups, your successes, challenges and also have the opportunity to ask questions for your continuous growth and evolution.

NEXT sign up for our next self-study course launching later in 2024… PRO-Active Hoof Scoring for lameness prevention and promoting wellness in horses.

THEN look forward to more self-study courses on PRO-Active trimming and hoof care and NEW in person educational events and master classes coming in 2024/2025 and beyond!

"I am incredibly excited to be delivering this programme because I believe in you and in the power of good each and every one of you have in supporting horses and people lead their best lives and I much look forward to connecting with you, our programme community, very soon!"

Beccy - course creator and your teacher

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10% Membership discount

6 hours of video and more to come

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