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PRO-Active Hoof Mapping for Lameness Prevention in Horses

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Master the art of mapping to recognise healthy hoof and posture ideals using popular evidence-based hoof mapping tool HoofmApp, objectivity track changes over time, and adopt a PRO-active approach proven in preventing and solving lameness issues in horses. This is a programme for the busy equine advocate or professional without any prior hoof or mapping knowledge, who wants to better understand horses hoof health and enjoy the benefits this provides. This course also provides guidance and insight into mapping the horses posture using the same hoof mapping tool used to map the hoof. In this programme, there are currently 28 high quality lessons including 28 video recordings currently around 6 hours in length with more being added in the future, all in an easy to understand format designed to super-boost your understanding of the equine hoof like never before. All delivered by leading integrative (body and hoof) equine podiatry rehab specialist and founder of Holistic Equine, Beccy Smith. In this programme, you will learn my secrets to success including: * Learn how to recognise healthy hoof and posture ideals for a PRO-active approach to prevent and solve lameness and performance issues in horses *Understand the power of evidence based modern podiatry and farriery in supporting optimum soundness in horses *Discover how to take a quality hoof and posture photo *Be empowered and gain confidence in tracking changes and making informed decisions *Become proficient in using #1 hoof mapping app HoofmApp *Learn how to use HoofmApp to create an accurate visual of the ideal hoof like a PRO *BONUS CONTENT revealed in the course to super boost your knowledge! Please Note: to make most use of this programme requires access to HoofmApp app, which is a paid for app on android and apple. Cost to purchase isn't included in the course fee. Only £199! Visit to learn more

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