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Lazaris Nerve Release Technique TM

a proprietary training created by Celeste Lazaris centered around releasing nerve compressions within the horse

Lazaris Nerve Release Technique ™ is a proprietary training created by Celeste Lazaris centered around releasing nerve compressions within the horse with a specific focus on the brachial plexus and lumbosacral plexus.

Beccy is a certified Lazaris Nerve Release TM practitioner with Balanced Through Movement Method TM

We offer Nerve Release as a stand alone service or in combination with our popular Equine Podiatry consltations

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There is an emerging science investigating the link between hoof balance and pathologies above the digit, and in particular, the hind hoof and limb posture. This leads to altered posture which is linked to fascial tension and nerve compression.

There is an intricate balance between hoof and body and we aim to help the horse find neutral posture and optimum health... holistically
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About Nerve Compression

Nerve compression is believed to be caused by repetitive motions that effect an area where a nerve travels. The lower cervical spine, cervicothoracic region and lumbosacral region are the highest documented regions for compressive neuropathy to occur due to the bundles of nerves which reside there.

Nerve compression is associated with pathological posture, pathological hoof morphology, and changes in behaviour. The causes, symptoms and diseases associated with nerve compression can therefore be varied, sometime multifactoral and make diagnosis difficult.

In one study used 14 young to middle-aged sport horses that became difficult to train and ride after their purchase. Though easy to handle for general care, when asked to work under saddle, they became dangerous. The researchers concluded that the behaviour was caused by nervous system lesions which caused neuropathic pain


The hoof and body connection

Nerves innervate muscles and other tissues and organs in the whole horse. A lack of innervation also results in lack of healthy blood/hypoxia and lymph flow and creates changes in development and health of the tissues and organs  they serve.


It is reasonable to assume that hoof and body development as well as organ function can be mildly or severely and or chronically impacted by nerve compression and lead to pathology, lameness and impaired function of digestion, performance, cognition, the senses and even premature death.

The cause of nerve compression can be varied and hard to recognise, and these could be congenital (eg ECVM, EMS, PSSM, ETC), and/or developmental through chronic tension, stress, training, inappropriate environmental stimulus, injury, ulcers, pain, dentistry or hoof balance.

Nerve compression might be alleviated through a therapeutic approach aimed at resetting the nervous system through activation of the parasympathetic nervous system via invitation, through release of fascia, muscles, correct skeletal alignment, movement and body work therapy.

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Common Symptoms Alleviated

Head Shaking Syndrome
Lack of Locking Carpal Joints (Becoming Over at the Knee)
Locking Stifle
Undiagnosed Lameness
Thoracic Sling Dysfunction
Topline Syndrome
Dangerous Behaviors
Spooky Behavior
Chronic Anxiety

To learn more about nerve compression and the relationship to the hoof, visit our blog

Prices & how to book

There are several Lazaris Nerve Release Certified Practitioners in the UK and many more world wide. We recommend you search the directory to find a local practitioner in the first instance.




If you would like to book a session with Beccy, as a stand alone service or in combination with our flagship equine podiatry consult service, fill out our consult inquiry form and attach lateral hoof and posture photos and we will be in touch with suitability for this service and availability.


Combined Equine Podiatry and Lazaris Nerve Release TM

Approx 2-3-hours £250* (£350 with report)*

Lazaris Nerve Release TM

Approx 1.5 - 2 hours £150 (£250 with report)*

*Travel included if visiting 10 or more horses in the region, otherwise £50/mile return from CA22 2PJ plus overnight accommodation if applicable and subject to availability

Here are some resources to assist with taking photos


Balance Through Movement Method TM

In the words of Celeste Lazaris, founder and creator of Balance Through Movement Method TM (BTMM) and Lazaris Nerve Release Method TM,...

"As a performance trainer, the #1 thing I would run into was a horse whose mind was out of balance.

As a licensed structural integration massage therapist, the #1 thing that I would run into was a horse whose body was out of balance.

And I quickly realized that the two were dependent on one another. . .

That’s why I created the Balance Through Movement Method™

Balance Through Movement Method ™ is my signature performance development training system designed to help the horse achieve optimum balance and strength through the specific development of the body and more importantly, the mind.

The primary focus is toning the nervous system, developing the body through supporting spinal integrity and subsequently, protecting the body from nerve compressions.

The radical success our clients have is through the mind-body integration by the careful reprogramming of the body’s compensatory patterns through our proprioceptive work and vagal nerve exercises.

While this work started as a program for EPM rehabilitations, years of results have proven that Balance Through Movement Method™ is the missing piece to equine conditioning practices and lameness prevention.

From trainers to Veterinarians, Balance Through Movement Method™ is now used around the world for rehabilitation, development, and diagnostics."

We highly recommend all our clients join The BTMM Academy, a space for connection, education, and transformation - all in one central, easy to use platform. This will support our services and optimise your horses well being, longevity and soundness.

Click below to access the academy and a FREE Pillar One Preview and explore the BTMM Academy

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