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How to document the horses hoof & body like a PRO

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In this FREE course you will learn how to document horses hooves and body like a PRO! This self-faced course is designed for horse owners and professionals, meaning anyone can become proficient in documenting - plus you can take your time or really dig in and learn what you need to, as quickly as you want to! This easy to follow course is of particular relevance to horse owners, hoof care practitioners (farriers, equine podiatrists and barefoot trimmers) and vets and other professionals (equine therapists, dentists, trainers, breeders, behaviourists and nutritionists for example). This course is also of particular interest to horse owners and professionals who are thinking of purchasing one of our mentorship programme's, and in particular; our on-line equine podiatry consults where quality photographs are required. In this step by step course you will learn: * how to take the perfect photograph of your horses hoof and body * good practice in taking podiatry/balance radiographs * how images can be used to promote a PRO-Active and preventative approach to help create and maintain soundness and longevity in horses. Holistic Equine is part of Holistic Reflections CIC - a 100% non-profit organisation helping horses and people. This course is currently FREE and is delivered as part of our aims as a non-profit organisation. You can learn more about our work at

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