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Welcome to our Academy

Equipping you for success (no more lame excuses!)

Imagine if you could prevent an injury to your horse before it happened? How would you feel if you could make better choices for your horse which meant your horse stayed sounder, for longer?


Let us help you become an informed horse guardian. Education is the key to give you the strength to make better decisions, more often and prevent the challenges faced by many horse owners.

Browse the ways in which you can learn with us below!

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PRO-Active Integrative hoof care = more soundness, less lameness & more time having fun with our equine partners!
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Free resources

In order to find a solution to a problem, one must first ask the question! You may find exactly what you need to support your horse in one of our blog articles which are always free and available to everyone!

Links to our most popular blog posts can be found below, or you can browse our blog.

Online Courses

For the first time, you can learn how we solve common hoof related issues and promote healthy, sound horses! Our unique online courses are for conscientious horse owners and carers of shod or barefoot horses who want to learn to proactively care for their horses from the hooves up. They also provide CPD opportunities for equine professionals. Our courses are suitable for both inexperienced horse carers plus advanced life long students of the horse and you can take as long as you like to complete them!

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Webinars & videos

Our dedicated video library contains pre-recorded and live webinars, vlogs and online consult recordings which can be watched with a fee. These are also available to watch as a VIP Membership subscriber in our blog section.

Click on the link below to visit our video library and purchase video recording resources as a non-VIP Member subscriber... Next you will learn all about VIP Membership subscription...


Join our growing community of VIP members and access an ever expanding library of exclusive videos, webinars and articles featuring detailed case studies, instructional recordings featuring horses like yours, top tips and guest speakers. If like us, you are passionate about whole horse hoof care and want to learn from the comfort of your home, then look no further! All VIP members receive a FREE on-line course and 10% off our online consults, events,  and courses with Beccy!

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Imagine finally learning the solutions to your horsey problems with a small group of like minded and supportive horse owners or professionals? We specialise in promoting what we do and demonstrating what we know - and we want to to share our knowledge and passion for integrative horse and hoof care with YOU! We offer one-day and half-day events as well as bespoke educational and mentorship experiences tailor made just for you and your friends or your colleagues.

Online consults

As we are not able to travel to everyone who needs our services, we also offer comprehensive consultations online. These are ideal for diligent horse owners who are involved in their horse’s hoof care are too far away for us to travel to, or for professionals who want additional support relating to their clients horse’s hoof care.

Online consultations are tailor made for every client, and complement our existing online learning resources.

To learn about online consults, how to book and pay using our online booking calendar, what to expect and how to prepare, visit our dedicated page on online consults.

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Do you have a problem you wish to solve and wish you could be supported by an expert and in the comfort of your own yard? Well, now you can! Mentorship with Beccy can provide a unique learning environment for the conscientious horse owner/carer or the equine professional seeking to further their knowledge of PRO-Active Integrative hoof care. Ideal for individuals or small groups and tailormade to meet your needs!

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