Holistic Equine Wellness Consultations

Looking at the whole horse holistically

Our services go beyond hoof trimming; we also offer consultations to horse owners who want to learn how to support their horse’s well-being from a holistic viewpoint, and are not necessarily looking for hoof care advice. These consultation can be carried out in-person or online, depending on the client’s location and needs.

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When you need more than just a hoof consultation, our holistic equine wellness consultation is the perfect solution.
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Three Horses

Consultation content

Holistic Equine Wellness Consultation clients learn about signs health or lack of health in their horse, including assessment of the horse’s posture and gait. Although no trimming is done on these consultations, a hoof assessment is included as this can show signs of pathology and distortion which helps us determine if the horse’s current environment is supporting health and resilience.


Recommendations are given which help support maintenance or return of health and resilience to trauma, injury, disease or infection. Clients will receive a summary report of recommendations after the visit, which will include annotated photos taken during the consult or by the client (if the consult is remote).

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Anne from North Wales

“Excellent service! Extremely satisfied that I received the solution I wanted – to be able to have an expert check my horse’s hooves. Amazed at the level of service provided by Beccy, both before appointment and after  - so much detail. There is nothing that could be improved or changed to improve my experience!”

What our clients say

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Prices & how to book

Holistic equine wellness consultations:

In-person consult (upto 2 hours)

Online consult

Repeat consults (upto 1.5 hours)       £60.00

Extra time/attend with vet per hour     £50.00

Day rate                                              £500.00

Travel: £0.50/mile return from CA22 2PJ* plus accommodation/day rate costs if applicable.



Have more than one horse?

2 horses = 5% discount for consultation fees*

3+ horses = 10% discount for consultation fees*

* Repeat Consults only

Holistic Equine Members get an additional 10% off all consultations, mentorship, listed events and courses. Read more about membership here.

The best way to book a consultation is to fill in the Consult enquiry form. Beccy will then get in touch with you to discuss your needs. There are some circumstances where we cannot take on a new client (for example if the horse requires vet care for its condition), so an initial discussion about your horse’s situation is important before a consultation is booked.

When you are ready to commit, you can book online here and we will contact you with a suitable date and time. Alternatively we can send you an e-invoice. It is important the enquiry form is completed before we can firmly offer you an appointment as this allows us to gather crucial information about your horse, which in turns enables us to fully prepare for the visit.

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