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Hoof Boot Consultants

Much more than just barefoot hoof trimming

Hoof Boots can be used as a positive and PRO-Active intervention and solution to support your shoeless horse.


Selecting the right hoof boots for your horse can seem daunting – there are many varieties, sizes and types on the market and they all have different features and functions and not all will be suitable for your horse. 

Finding the right type and size of Hoof Boot requires knowledge of both hoof care and hoof boots. We are hoof care experts and can help you find the perfect hoof boot solution. We can even supply a custom made pad which will perfectly fit your horses boot.

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If you have an issue with your horse that has not been solved or you wish to prevent injury to your horse, please get in touch – we would love to help you!
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Hoof boot uses

Hoof Boots come in many types and sizes and for different functions. In short they:

  • Can help manage and prevent excess wear in an abrasive environment (while exercising, living, resting and healing)

  • Can support a weak footed horse to create and maintain healthy or optimum ideals 

  •  Can be used within rehab for the horse transitioning out of shoes 

  • Can be used to contain a dressing, poultice or pad and keep a hoof dry and clean

  • Might be used to substitute horse shoes where horse shoes are not the best possible intervention 

  • Allow for regular inspection, trimming or treatment of the hoof where a shoe might be prohibitive in this respect

  • Can support a horse where a shoe has been cast and until the farrier can attend

Sizing kits

We have several sizing or ‘fit kits’ and can provide advice on and supply special pads for the weak footed or transitioning horse. Our fit kits feature the most versatile and popular hoof boots including:

•    Scoot Hoof Boots
•    Flex Hoof Boots
•    Easy Care Gloves

You can buy hoof boots from us or from your usual supplier! There is no obligation to purchase anything from us.

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Prices & how to book

Hoof Booting consultations 1 hour      £50.00

Additional time/hour                            £50.00

Travel: £0.50/mile return from CA22 2PJ* plus accommodation/day rate costs if applicable.

Have more than one horse?

2 horses = 5% discount for consultation fees*

3+ horses = 10% discount for consultation fees*

* Repeat Consults only

Holistic Equine Members get an additional 10% off all consultations, mentorship, listed events and courses. Read more about membership here.

To book a consultation, fill out our consultation enquiry form. We will then review your information and contact you to arrange a suitable time for your consultation. There are some circumstances where we cannot take on a new client (for example if the horse requires vet care for its condition), so it's important we have accurate information about your horse’s situation before a consultation is booked.

Once a consultation date and time are confirmed, we send you an electronic invoice for the consultation cost and travel and accommodation costs, if applicable. You can go ahead and book and pay online too!

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