Proferm is a probiotic and prebiotic feed additive produced through a fermentative process with Effective micro-organisms and spelt bran. Proferm strengthens the intestinal flora and provides the necessary fibres for the intestinal flora.


This synergy of good bacteria and fibres stimulates the intestinal flora positively.

Probiotics provide advantages to boost animal health and also function as good bacteria cultures in the animals gut. These stimulate the activity of the intestinal microflora.


Prebiotics are nutrient fibres that promote the growth of bacteria in the digestive tract. Yeasts form vitamin B and other substances and can improve the microbial fermentation and digestion of fibres.


Proferm is approved and registered under the EU animal feed legislation.

5kg Proferm Prebiotic & Probiotic Horse Feed Additive

  • 50g/horse/day

    We recommend you introduce Proferm slowly over 1-2 weeks.


Beccy Smith BSc (Hons) ADAEP EBW

CEO and founder of Holistic Reflections CIC & Holistic Equine



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