Hoof Scoring for PRO-Active, preventative whole horse hoof care

Hoof scoring is perhaps the most important tool in the integrative and PRO-Active equine podiatrists tool box.

Hoof scoring is critical to all horses in domestication and under our care as they are relying on us to provide appropriate healthy environmental stimulus to recognise, maintain and promote healthy ideals and therefore prevent pathology and trauma.

During our Equine Podiatry Consultations, once a hoof and posture are assessed and the hoof mapped, the hoof can be scored according to the horses age, size, history, evidence of pathology, distortion and lameness. The whole horse is taken into consideration as well as the environment it will be living, eating, resting, and working in.

Here is a handy table to help you recognise your horses score and how this might relate to the working and living environment he might be expected to live in without causing harm to his hooves or body.

If, like our clients, you want to learn a PRO-Active approach to hoof care and wish to prevent lameness in your horse, consider booking us for an Integrative Podiatry Consult,