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What our clients love about us!

In a recent client survey, we asked our clients to list three things they most love about us... here are a few...

· "Our experience

· Handling techniques for nervous ponies

· Passionate about Horses

· Knowledgeable - much broader than feet!

· Your passion and enthusiasm is totally infectious - you even have me obsessed with feet now!

· The total feeling of support and compassion for both me and my animals - we can all feel the love!

· Your breadth and depth of knowledge is very reassuring and really helpful - you give really valuable advice from the heart and from your experience - I know we are in safe hands

· Passionate about Horses

· Lovely energy with Horses

· Knowledge so much details

· Lovely manner

· Knowledgeable - much broader than feet!

· Diligent and thorough

· Adapting your technique to the individual

· Patience with the horses

· Love and care for the well being of Equines

· Will answer any questions, give advice without judgement

· Explain things in easy to understand terms

· You truly care

· Huge amount of knowledge and skill

· You take the time to explain so that I can understand

· Gives honest, clear advice

· Easy to get hold of

· Takes the time needed to treat the horse

· Good listener

· Have horses best interest at heart

· Strives to keep learning and becoming better

· Handling techniques for nervous ponies

· Ongoing care and support"

In the survey, 100% of our clients believe we offer our clients expert support to help promote well-being and resilience in equines which improves the quality of life in both equines and the people who care for them.


We take an integrative and holistic approach to whole horse hoof and body health. We appreciate the relationship between body, limb and hoof and seek to address imbalances while positively influencing appropriate static and dynamic hoof balance and biomechanics.

Beccy Smith BSc DAEP EBW – Independent Equine Podiatrist and CEO of Holistic Reflections CIC

Holistic Reflections CIC – a 100% non-profit organisation promoting wellbeing and resilience in people, horses and the environment - for the benefit of all.


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