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A client testimonial from Carla in Carlisle, Cumbria

"Beccy was recommend to me. I love the ongoing support between visits, the constant assessment of hoof conformation and adaptation of treatment and the reliability of the consultation process.

My horses are in a massive improvement journey guided constantly by Beccy. They were traditionally barefoot trimmed before I changed to Beccy so were literally walking on their heel bulbs and had flipper feet. Visit by visit we have ongoing improvement.

Thanks to help and support from Beccy my horses are progressing positively on their journey to healthy feet from having very flat soles and zero heels!".

From Carla, near Carlisle, Cumbria.

Thank you Carla - I think we love our visits just as much as you do and learn from you too!


We take an integrative and holistic approach to whole horse hoof and body health. We appreciate the relationship between body, limb and hoof and seek to address imbalances while positively influencing appropriate static and dynamic hoof balance and biomechanics.

Beccy Smith BSc DAEP EBW – Independent Equine Podiatrist and CEO of Holistic Reflections CIC

Holistic Reflections CIC – a 100% non-profit organisation promoting wellbeing and resilience in people, horses and the environment - for the benefit of all.


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