A client testimonial from Sam in Dorset

"I met Beccy at a Bespoke Event in Somerset. I wanted to learn more about hoof care and management to support me in rehabbing my own horses and I was very satisfied with the outcome to my problem.

I loved the course it was excellent and Beccy is a brilliant teacher.

There is so much to learn that I would need to repeat the course again and probable again to let the learning sink in. If I could change one thing it is that you should train up (apprenticeship) more equine podiatrists. We need more of you!

What do I most love? You truly care, your huge amount of knowledge and skill and you take the time to explain so that I can understand.

I recommend Beccy and Holistic Reflections, everyone should have a basic understanding of how the whole horse affects the hoof and vice versa. Brilliant course.

Everyone who works with horses in any sphere should attend at least once. I learnt more in one day than I have in the past 3 years."

From Sam from Somerset

Thank you Sam - it was a pleasure to meet and your event team members - we look forward meeting you again one day!