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A client testimonial from Pam in Cumbria

"I wholeheartedly recommend Beccy and Val from Holistic Reflections and Holistic Equine for their dedication, compassion and expertise in the field of natural health care for both you and your horse.

Their innovative approach to hoof care and nutrition has been invaluable for my horses. I look forward to all of my equine podiatry visits as I always learn something new. Beccy empowers me to make a positive difference to my horses feet between visits with her excellent hands on training methods.

I am now somewhat obsessed with equine feet and know that my horses are heading in a really positive direction.

Thank you Beccy and Val for all of your support and guidance and for being totally amazing advocates for the animals Xxx Pamela, Cumbria"

Thank you Pam - we look forward to each and every visit to you and your horses Maisie and Chloe!


We take an integrative and holistic approach to whole horse hoof and body health. We appreciate the relationship between body, limb and hoof and seek to address imbalances while positively influencing appropriate static and dynamic hoof balance and biomechanics.

Beccy Smith BSc DAEP EBW – Independent Equine Podiatrist and CEO of Holistic Reflections CIC

Holistic Reflections CIC – a 100% non-profit organisation promoting wellbeing and resilience in people, horses and the environment - for the benefit of all.


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