Special Summer offer for Cumbrian Horse Owners!

For July and August 2021 only, we are reducing our high quality initial equine podiatry services from £120 to £80!*

We want to support local horse owners and are offering our flagship, top quality Equine Podiatry service for a reduced price for a limited time only. You can book your appointment after August, but to qualify, you will need to commit to booking and paying for this service before the end of August.

Learn about our unique, comprehensive and proactive equine podiatry consult services here: www.holisticequine.co.uk/equine-podiatry

Proactive equine podiatry = optimum balance for whole horse well-being and true soundness for life!

In short, nothing compares to our integrative approach to pro-active hoof care!

Your consult includes:

  • Full history taken prior to your consult via our online form here

  • Any concerns or queries answered PRIOR to your appointment

  • 2.5 hours minimum time for your consult

  • Full assessment of your horses posture, gait, hoof balance and environment (as the environment of your horse is influential in your horses hoof health)

  • Detailed and accurate documentation using innovative and leading imaging software by Metron-Hoof (www.eponamind.com) of your horses hooves and posture as well as videos of your horses movement.

  • A pro-active trim to promote healthy ideals (hoof balance and posture) and in accordance to your horses needs (if appropriate)

  • Further documentation and imaging of your horses hooves and posture post-trim to demonstrate changes in balance and posture

  • Infection control treatment to help address surface infections