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How can you tell if your horse is in pain?

... and before the classic "head bob" manifests...

In this excellent short video, Leading lameness diagnostician vet Sue Dyson says "There seems to be a culture among the industry that horses that are grumpy or horses that are unwilling are jut normal horses rather than considering that is may reflect underlying musculo-skeletal pain".....

Horse owners, carers and professionals have a duty of care to horses to be recognising early indicators of loss of health and pain well before then horse is 'broken'.

We work holistically and with an integrative perspective to horses hoof care and seek to proactively support well-being and resilience, ideally well-before lameness or disease is apparent. There are clues, including those featured in this video which provide indicators that all is not well in horses.

If, like our clients, you want to learn a PRO-Active approach to hoof care and wish to prevent lameness in your horse, consider booking us for an Integrative Podiatry Consult, Educational Event, On-line Course or join our new VIP membership where you can learn top tips straight from an expert!


We take an integrative and holistic approach to whole horse hoof and body health. We appreciate the relationship between body, limb and hoof and seek to address imbalances while positively influencing appropriate static and dynamic hoof balance and biomechanics.

Beccy Smith BSc DAEP EBW – Independent Equine Podiatrist and CEO of Holistic Reflections CIC

Holistic Reflections CIC – a 100% non-profit organisation promoting wellbeing and resilience in people, horses and the environment - for the benefit of all.


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