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Recognising healthy hoof (and posture) ideals webinar (for VIP members only)

Join me as I explore how I recognise healthy hoof and posture using HoofmApp app objectively, how to use HoofmApp and share with the group working examples of the changes we typically document.

In this webinar you will learn:

1. How I recognise health and pathology and track changes in the hoof objectively using HoofsApp app

2. Using HoofmApp for assessing and tracking changes in posture

3. Basics on how to use HoofmApp app

4. Working examples of hooves and posture changes objectively using HoofmApp

5. The relationship between pathological hoof morphology and posture and nerve compression

6. Q and A session

There is an emerging science investigating the link between hoof balance and pathologies above the digit, and in particular, the hind hoof and limb posture. Links between poor hind hoof balance, pathologies in the hind limb and associated altered posture have been suggested but not quantified, and this indicates that postural assessment should become part of farriery protocol and be incorporated into intervention decisions.

This is a raw copy and the webinar starts after a few minutes, so please be patient!

This webinar is only for Holistic Equine Subscription Members and is not to be shared, publicly or privately. To join, visit

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