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PRO-Active hoof trimming video series - bars & frogs - Daffy

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

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Join me as I share with you a video featuring frog and bar trimming and use of my hoof knives. There is no right or wrong way to trim frogs - as long as the end result is the same, and both you and the horse are safe and sound.

I tend to trim with the horse in as neutral posture as possible - this promotes postural fascial release, healthy emotional and neurological balance, comfort, and a successful and safe trimming session for myself, the horse and the handler!

At the time of recording this video (spring 2023) Daffy, a 15hh, 19 year old Welsh Cob x cob was living in a small herd of 4, in an all weather turnout area, in boots and wedged pads, and trimmed approximately every 2 weeks. He typically has a major sole and frog shed around April, and this year was no exception! I had already trimmed the sole and wall when I decided to record the bar and frog trimming.

In this short video you will also observe how I listen to the horse, allow him to rest or reposition himself when requested, and see how I respond to these. You will notice I also use a hoof stand and cradle - I don't always use this as most horses I trim prefer to be trimmed with the hoof in a lower position, and/or hand held for stability and to limit vibration from the rasp.

Daffy scored a weak 5/10 in this video and has hoof morphology well above average for horses we typically see in the UK, despite his metabolic challenges and long history of incorrect hoof trimming and shoeing. Most horses we meet, some in regular ridden work, score around 2 or 3/10 before rehab.

I hope you are able to gain some valuable insight into how you might use a hoof knife in your trimming practice.

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