Guide to Using Hoof Boots and Pads

Hoof Boots are just one potential intervention to help create and maintain healthy hoof ideals and posture in horses.

Used appropriately, hoof boots can help support a shoeless horse and can help prevent wear, promote healthy tissues and structures, protect vulnerable tissues and structures and help treat infection. They can also be used to contain pads which can act as orthoses.

We use a variety of pads and hoof boots. Our favourite pads are the versatile 7mm NORA insert used as an insole in human diabetic footwear. They offer great support for the majority of horses and situations. Our favourite hoof boots are Flex Boots and Scoot Boots.

We recommend anyone considering hoof boots with or without pads to seeks appropriate advice from an integrative hoof expert, especially if using raised pads. We offer Hoof Boot Consultations which provides an opportunity to try 3 different shell fitting kits (East Boot Gloves, Flex Hoof Boots and Scoot Hoof Boots).

Flex Hoof Boot

Scoot Hoof Boot