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Case Study - Hoof mapping - Penny (KWPN Warmblood horse)

This video features a case study of a KWNP mare where I demonstrate the power of documenting, horse and hoof mapping and how consistent and accurate documenting helps Penny's team in effective communication during her integrative rehab. This features in my new course, designed and created to empower horses owners and equine professionals to also foster a PRO-Active approach to promoting and maintaining soundness in horses...

This course is currently on offer for £199, and the price will increase to £395 very soon!

This case study video is only available to VIP Subscription members. For 10% off this course and additional educational resources including webinar recordings, videos and blog articles only, consider our VIP Membership available for only £22/month (only available as a 3 months subscription).

Case Study - Penny

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