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PRO Active Hoof Trimming Series - Trimming Considerations - #1 Topcat - example of a horse in rehab

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

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Join fellow Integrative Equine Podiatrist Fiona Varian from Fluid Movements while she trims the right fore hoof of a horse in rehab with less than healthy or ideal hoof morphology (form and function).

In this video, Fiona outlines the things to be considered during this rehabilitation trim. This individualised and horse-centred approach helps horses develop optimum hoof morphology (form and function) and therefore optimum potential for comfort, health, soundness and lasting resilience.

Essentially the aim and intention is to help the horse develop and maintain appropriate vertical depth and ideal position and orientation of the pedal pone and pastern bones (known as appropriate phalangeal alignment or a straight hoof pastern axis). This provides optimum opportunity for neutral and efficient resting posture and biomechanics and supports optimum physical development for a balanced, healthy and happy horse, as demonstrated in modern podiatry and farriery science.

At the end of the video, you will see the marked up hoof using Hoofmapp app as well as what might be considered the ideal hoof morphology for this hoof on this horse. if you would like to learn how to identify, use and appreciate the ideal hoof for your horse like a PRO, visit our academy for new of our latest self study online course PRO Hoof Mapping:

With thanks to Fiona Varian from Fluid Movements, and team Topcat. Fiona offers Structural & Movement Integration, Cranio Sacral Therapist (horses & humans) and Integrative Hoof Care. To contact Fiona: Mobile: 07796457715 or whatsapp.

This video is accessible only to VIP Members via subscription at This helps us deliver our non-profit aims to promote compassionate equestrianism. Please do not share the link to this video but please do share the link to our membership page for others to join and support our cause:

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