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hoof care with a holistic approach

We are

Holistic Equine

We provide innovative and whole horse focused solutions to hoof related problems, whether your horse is barefoot, booted or shod.
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We are supportive

We support horses by helping owners and professionals care for horses pro-actively and therefore prevent lameness and health problems before they occur. Healthy, sound and resilient horses thrive and live better, longer lives and suffer less pain and trauma.

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We are educators

We educate horse owners and professionals to recognise sign of health and disease and care for horses holistically. This reduces the incidence of lameness and empowers people to make more informed decisions and advocate for the horses we all love.

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We are evolving

Our horses are our teachers and we are their student. We are not constrained by methods and limited by fixed beliefs. We believe our approach to problem solving and willingness to listen to horses provides unlimited solutions to problems we are asked to solve.

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When horses feel good, owners are happy

Pam from Cumbria

"I wholeheartedly recommend Beccy for her dedication, compassion and expertise... Her innovative approach to hoof care and nutrition has been invaluable for my horses. I look forward to all of my equine podiatry visits as I always learn something new. Beccy empowers me to make a positive difference to my horses feet between visits with her excellent hands on training methods. I  know that my horses are heading in a really positive direction".

Don't just take our word for it, here's what our clients say about us!