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What is Gut Restart?

A unique and fast acting powder – Gut Restart product contains a range of Ayurvedic herbs carefully formulated to work with each other. Used by vets, racehorse trainers as well as everyday horse owners. Size: 250g sold in a tub or bag

Gut Restart

£40.00 Regular Price
£38.00Sale Price
  • What herbs are in Gut Restart?

    • Sesamum Indicum – Dried seed
    • Piper Longum – Dried fruit
    • Piper Nigrum – Dried seed
    • Zingiber Officinale – Dried root
    • Withania Somnifera – Dried root
    • Ficus Religiosa – Dried root
    • Mallotus Philippinensis – Dried fruit
    • Butea Monosperma – Dried seed
  • How do I feed it to my horse or pony?

    Feed 20g twice a day for 2 days, then continue at 20g per day as necessary.

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