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The Heller Legend 14 in. tanged hoof rasp is a popular rasp amongst hoofcare professionals.


With one coarse side and one finishing side it is ideal for day to day work for the farrier, equine podiatrist, hoof trimmer and owner too!


It is our rasp of choice, used in our professional hoof care services and we believe it offers optimum value and performance and is the most consistent quality hoof rasp on the market today.


Why not partner this excellent rasp with an ergonomic, tought and lightweight rasp handle - the Diamond Rasp Handle.

Heller Legend Hoof Rasp

    • Hoof Rasps can get blunt quite quicky if they are not cared for properly. 

      We recommend that you store your rasp in its original cardboard sleeve and in a dry location when not is use.

      Spray it with WD40 after ever use to prolongue its life and keep it sharp and free from rust. 

  • Postage is charged by order weight and calculated at checkout.

    Up to 4.99kg = £5.99

    5 – 10.99kg = £9.99

    11kg – 30kg = £12.99

    Over 30kg = £19.99

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