Hoof Boot Consultation

Our consult service for new clients seeking expert hoof boot advice

  • 1 hour
  • 40 British pounds

Service Description

Hoof Boots can be used as a positive and PRO-Active intervention and solution to support your shoeless horse. ​ Selecting the right hoof boots for your horse can seem daunting – there are many varieties, sizes and types on the market and they all have different features and functions and not all will be suitable for your horse. Often new customers seek us out because other hoof care professionals or approaches haven't helped solve their problem. Our integrative, holistic and inclusive approach to hoof care creates positive results in our clients' horses. We have several sizing or ‘fit kits’ and can provide advice on and supply special pads for the weak footed or transitioning horse. Our fit kits feature the most versatile and popular hoof boots including: • Scoot Hoof Boots • Flex Hoof Boots • Easy Care Gloves You can buy hoof boots from us or from your usual supplier! There is no obligation to purchase anything from us. Have more than one horse? 2 horses = 5% discount for consultation fees (provided as a part refund after we have contacted you to conform your booking) 3+ horses = 10% discount for consultation fees (provided as a part refund after we have contacted you to conform your booking) Holistic Equine Members get an additional 10% off all consultations, mentorship, listed events and courses as well as access to a free online course and online resources only available to VIP Members! Visit our Membership page to learn more. Once we receive your booking through this website, we will send you a link to complete a detailed online form where you can tell us in details about your horse, what concerns you have, what support you need, and can attach photos and other visual aids and diagnostic reports to assist us with your consult. We may then also invoice you for travel costs which are in addition to our service fee and will then arrange a suitably convenient time for your consult. Travel: £0.50/mile return from CA22 2PJ/HU2 0PZ* plus overnight accommodation costs if applicable.* first 30 miles are free of charge To learn more about our expert Equine Podiatry Consultations, visit our page our Holistic Equine Podiatry page.

Contact Details

07766 772245


Holistic Reflections CIC, Wilton, Egremont, UK


Beccy Smith BSc (Hons) ADAEP EBW

CEO and founder of Holistic Reflections CIC & Holistic Equine



07766 772245

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