Holistic Equine Wellness Consultation

Our consult service for new clients seeking expert horse/hoof advice

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 75 British pounds

Service Description

Our services go beyond hoof trimming; we also offer consultations to horse owners who want to learn how to support their horse’s well-being from a holistic viewpoint, and are not necessarily looking for hoof care advice. These consultation can be carried out in-person or online, depending on the client’s location and needs. When you need more than just a hoof consultation, our holistic equine wellness consultation is the perfect solution. Holistic Equine Wellness Consultation clients learn about signs health or lack of health in their horse, including assessment of the horse’s posture and gait. Although no trimming is done on these consultations, a hoof assessment is included as this can show signs of pathology and distortion which helps us determine if the horse’s current environment is supporting health and resilience. Recommendations are given which help support maintenance or return of health and resilience to trauma, injury, disease or infection. Clients will receive a summary report of recommendations after the visit, which will include annotated photos taken during the consult or by the client (if the consult is remote). Once we receive your booking through this website, we will send you a link to complete a detailed online form where you can tell us in details about your horse, what concerns you have, what support you need, and can attach photos and other visual aids and diagnostic reports to assist us with your consult. We may also invoice you for travel costs which are in addition to our service fee and will then arrange a suitably convenient time for your consult. Travel: £0.50/mile return from CA22 2PJ* plus overnight accommodation costs if applicable. * first 30 miles are free of charge For more information visit out Wellness Consult page.

Contact Details

07766 772245


Holistic Reflections CIC, Wilton, Egremont, UK


Beccy Smith BSc (Hons) ADAEP EBW

CEO and founder of Holistic Reflections CIC & Holistic Equine



07766 772245

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