SCENAR-Cosmodic Therapy

Self Controlling Energy Neuro Adaptive Regulation

We have been using the first generation and most up-to-date animal friendly SCENAR-cosmodic slider device since early 2014 with superb results! 

We can recommend the use of this device in all conditions of injury and disease (animal or human) and it is licensed for pain relief in humans. 

We have received training from holistic vet Roger Meacock MRCVS and are we are fully insured to use this device on pets and horses. We also have an upto date human model and offer SCENAR for humans to! In fact we recommend SCENAR therapy for both horse/pet AND owner or rider to facilitate symmetry and balance in both.

Please read the information below and our additional SCENAR pages for more info.

Prices and Availability

If you are considering SCENAR-cosmodic therapy for your horse, contact us to discuss your requirements.  Beccy can visit you and you and your horse or your horse can come to our quiet and well maintained yard for a tailor made, holistic therapeutic package.

Please discuss your wishes with your vet also.  Treatment cannot commence without your vet’s permission.  If you like, you and/or your vet can contact vet Roger Meacock MRCVS for advice on SCENAR-cosmodic therapy for your horse.  Rogers contact details can be found at

What to Expect

Beccy will ask you about your horse’s history, health and management.  Photos may be taken and your horses gait may be assessed.  Your signature will be required to confirm you have asked a vets permission for SCENAR-cosmodic treatment.

The device will be placed on the horse’s skin in an appropriate area.  Beccy will first moisten your horses skin on the area worked on in order for the device to be effective.  The power will be adjusted according to the comfort level of the individual.  It should not be uncomfortable and is safe to use.

Results, duration of therapy and overall number of therapies vary depending on the individual’s health status. Some horses will exhibit desirable results after one session but in general, budget for 3 sessions around 2-4 weeks apart for chronic conditions; more frequently for acute conditions.  It is important to remember that the device does not heal the animal but it helps the animal heal itself.  However, this depends on the animals own reserves required to heal so a holistic approach which seeks to promote an appropriate environment for health should be adopted. 

Because of our unique holistic consultation service, we seek to provide relevant information to horse owners to help them provide appropriate environmental stimulus for maintenance or return of health.

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Rehabilitation Livery

We can provide tailor-made holistic therapy packages from our base in West Cumbria for short or long stay visitors.

This can help with logistics of travelling longer distances to visit horses or in instances where owners may not be able to provide appropriate environmental stimulus required for their horse’s recovery and/or rehabilitation.

Therapy times vary according to the individual animal and health status.

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