"Suns" SCENAR Success

Total remission of a fungating sarcoid tumour in a TB mare

Learn how we helped our own TB mare "Sun" make a 100% recovery from an "untreatable" (according to sarcoid experts vets at Liverpool Uni) fungating sarcoid which invaded her tendon.

"Sun In Her Eyes"

Sun is a beautiful 18 year old TB mare (2019) owned by Holistic Reflection’s Beccy Smith and her family. Sun has had metabolic problems since 3 years of age when we took her on her as a stressed out failed racer. She suffered laminitis and pedal osteitis (most likely caused by stress and an unhealthy environment - intensive agricultural spraying exposure) as a 4 year old and injured her spine and front lower limb tendon in an injury around the same time.

Sun certainly didn't and doesn't "look" like a typical laminitic horse but we now realise she probably has equine digital osteoarthritis and suffers flare ups when exposed to triggers such as grass, wormers, drugs, agro-chemicals, stress, etc).

Sun was one of the reasons why we chose AEP as our route to help horses hoof health in 2009. With AEP and careful management we have managed her chronic disease for more than 14 years.

Vets fail to treat her "sarcoid"

Since living with us, Sun has been seen by various vets and therapists from around the country in an effort to help her health and soundness but she never seemed ‘right’ despite our best efforts; suffering bouts of systemic inflammation and laminitis during the spring and summer months in particular. Sun was even kept completely off grass from 2011 until 2014 since it became apparent that even a mouthful would create an “allergic reaction” and even laminitis.

In 2010, Sun developed a small sarcoid on her front left limb, behind her knee. Naturally, veterinary attention was sought and after a variety of treatments (natural/conventional and radical) from leading vets (holistic, alternative, conventional and specialists!), it just fought back and grew and the ‘sarcoid’ was eventually diagnosed as a tumour by Liverpool University vets (who said they couldn't help her!).

SCENAR therapy begins March 2014...

In only a few weeks, Sun was starting to look and behave more normal; she was less stressed and her tumour started to shrink. Needless to say, after Rogers first visit, we were hooked by his therapies and immediately bought not one but 2 SCENAR’s and blankets and the whole family (2 and 4 legged) started taking Quinton daily!

We also received training in SCENAR therapy and adopted some of Rogers’s therapies into our practices.

The photo here was taken April 2014 after only a few weeks of treatment.

...and changes happen!

We used the SCENAR almost daily and we no longer needed vet prescribed pain relief. Sun's posture changed and she even lost some unhealthy fat pads.

In early June 2014, we moved house (180 miles away!) and the environment was completely different; organic with no chemical spraying, ancient hill side grazing and fresh sea air! We were amazed to find we could introduce her to grass once more and she suffered no ill effects of the stress of moving (normally she would have suffered stress induced laminitis!).

July 2014.... its shrinking!

By July 2014, after only a few weeks at our new yard, Sun was grazing with her herd for 24 hours a day and the tumour started to turn black and bits fell off! It was pretty gruesome but she didn’t seem to mind. We continued as normal with regular treatments of SCENAR and the Russian Healing Blanket and daily Quinton isotonic plasma in her feed.

July 2014 rear view of the tumour

The tumour had a foul odour and the discharge would scald her skin. To protect her and to help keep the flies away, we would clean the tumour and surrounding tissue with water daily and apply a light non-stick dressing. In only a few weeks, parts of the tumour would turn black and fall off and sometimes it would lightly bleed. At times Sun would bite at the tumour - an indication of healing! But she never went lame or had stress laminitis and suffered our nursing attention without complaint. What an amazing horse!

 October 2014 - almost gone!

By October 2014 the tumour looks like an old, dried sarcoid and no longer needs daily dressings or washes. It has reduced in size by about 95%. There is no swelling in her lower leg or tendon and she is completely sound. We continue to support her health and her own healing ability.

Summer 2018  - only a memory!

Sun's tumour never came back. Nor did she develop sarcoids elsewhere on her body. Previously, any interference with chemo drugs or incisions agitated it and it grew bigger and deeper into the limb.

The holistic approach we took was gentle, did not cause pain (which triggers laminitis in Sun) or involved harsh chemicals (which also trigger laminitis in sun!).

if you want to learn how we might help your horse, please contact us today.

"In order to facilitate healing, we must strive to provide the animal with an appropriate environment for healing.... for we all have the innate capacity to heal"

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