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Set of eight Pastern Strap Locks for Scoot Hoof Boots. You need two Pastern Strap Locks per boot, so the set is enough for four boots in total.


Pastern strap locks have been designed to prevent the pastern strap from pulling off when riding in muddy conditions or through heavy vegetation. These are constructed of nylon and designed for ease of application.


These locks can be easily attached to your existing Scoot Boot pastern straps. One size fits all Scoot pastern straps.

Scoot Pastern Strap Locks

  • Postage is charged by order weight and calculated at checkout.

    Up to 4.99kg = £5.99

    5 – 10.99kg = £9.99

    11kg – 30kg = £12.99

    Over 30kg = £19.99

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