Set of four Scoot Hoof Boot Pads. These pads are good addition for sensitive soles or to assist with fit when a horse is between boot sizes. The Scoot pads are made from thermo plastic urethane and help provide cushioning.


For maximum security Scoot recommend you to glue the Scoot pads into your Scoot Boots. This will extend the life of the pads and keep them in place. A plastic glue is recommended for this, available from hardware stores.

Scoot Boot Pads

    • Sizes 000 - 2    (Pads are 3mm in thickness)
    • Sizes 3 - 9        (Pads are 4mm in thickness)

    You can easily cut down Scoot pads if you require pads for smaller Scoot Boot sizes.

  • Postage is charged by order weight and calculated at checkout.

    Up to 4.99kg = £5.99

    5 – 10.99kg = £9.99

    11kg – 30kg = £12.99

    Over 30kg = £19.99


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