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EM (effective Microbes) starter kit for horse, yard and tackroom!


Includes everythign you need to kick start your horses equi-biome and help create an enviroment for your horse to thrive!


Your EM starter kit consists of:

5kg Proferm Prebiotic & Probiotic Horse Feed Additive

2 ltrs Actiferm Liquid Activated Effectives Microbes

1 ltr EM Skin Spray Topical Effective Microbial Spray Bottle

1ltr EM Wipe and Clean Natural Microbial Eco friendly Cleaner

EM Kitchen Soap 150g


Effective Micro-organisms (EM), is a collective group of active bacteria, yeasts and fungi, in a liquid base, which occur
freely in nature. They promote the conversion of organic matter and increase the natural balance and biodiversity in
the stable, the soil and the environment.


EM technology offers numerous advantages!
• Dominance of a constructive microflora
• Fermentation of bedding in stable instead of rotting
• Conservation of energy and nutrients in waste materials
• Disease suppressive action
• Increases the overall condition and health of your horse
• Performance enhancing


How does EM work?

The special thing about EM is the combination of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms. Aerobic means “living with oxygen” and anaerobic means “living without oxygen”. In this scientific world, it was always assumed that these two groups could not possibly live side by side because the conditions under which they live are opposite to each other. Both groups also occur naturally together in the soil. The aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms have in common that they can convert substances into antioxidants. These have a beneficial effect on the health of soil, plants, people and animals. Micro-organisms work according to the dominance principle, and thus restore the microbial balance.


What is the principle of dominance?

In the world of microorganisms, there are different groups. There is a small group of dominant ‘effective’ microorganisms, a small group of dominant ‘harmful’ microorganisms and a large group of so-called followers. In nature, the group of followers work together with one of the above-mentioned dominant groups. In practice, this means that they belong to the most suitable dominant group. There is a constant power struggle between the effective and the harmful organisms. The “billions of followers” simply wait to see which of the two groups gets the upper hand. Then they adapt and follow or imitate the victor. When the ‘good guys’, the effective micro-organisms, gain the upper hand, they exert their constructive and disease-suppressing influence on all kinds of areas (e.g. air, soil, plants, water, people, animals,…). Proper use of EM in the household, the environment, agriculture and horticulture can promote the increase of effective microorganisms everywhere.

Effective Microbes Equine Starter Kit

  • Proferm is a probiotic and prebiotic feed additive produced through a fermentative process with Effective micro-organisms and spelt bran. Proferm strengthens the intestinal flora and provides the necessary fibres for the intestinal flora.

    This synergy of good bacteria and fibres stimulates the intestinal flora positively.

    Probiotics provide advantages to boost animal health and also function as good bacteria cultures in the animals gut. These stimulate the activity of the intestinal microflora.

    Prebiotics are nutrient fibres that promote the growth of bacteria in the digestive tract. Yeasts form vitamin B and other substances and can improve the microbial fermentation and digestion of fibres.

    Proferm is approved and registered under the EU animal feed legislation.

    Application/feed rate


    We recommend you introduce Proferm slowly over 1-2 weeks.


    • Helps restore intestinal flora after diarrhoea.

    • Increases palatability, feed intake and digestion.

    • Improves the general condition and immunity.

    • Can be mixed with standard horse feeds.

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