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Proactive Hoof Care Requires Commitment & Responsibility

Traditionally, horse owners have placed the responsibility of their horses hoof health over to their farrier.  AEP is a new concept to horse owners as the idea of taking responsibility for their own horse’s health and welfare is fairly unique for most.

For AEP to be successful the owner needs to commit to the long term health and welfare of their horse and there needs to be an element of trust between the horse owner and their DAEP.  In effect there needs to be a promise from both the DAEP and the owner.  The DAEP promises to fulfil their contract to the Institute of AEP and the owner must also promise to accept that they are responsible for the horses welfare including foot care for the entire time between consults.

This is an important point as the DAEP is not responsible for the horses welfare and nor are they responsible for the environment in which the horse is exposed to on a day to day basis.  They are therefore not in a position to make informed decisions regarding that horses health and welfare.

Regular AEP consults of typically between 4 and 6 weeks are necessary and indicate a commitment between Holistic Reflections and the client and in order for Holistic Reflections to provide a proactive hoof care service. Regular appointments help the owners provide the best possible environment to ensure their horses continued health and performance.

We host lecture/demos, yard talks and educational courses where you can learn about holistic hoof and horse care. Visit our EVENTS page at Holistic Reflections website.

We also provide written information and on-going support by email and online for our AEP customers. Visit our Resource page at Holistic Reflections to learn about ways in which you can connect with fellow conscientious horse owners and professionals at the Holistic Equine Community both nationwide and in Cumbria. We know how challenging it can be to take care of a sick or lame horse and we are here to help and support you no matter what.

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