Holistic Horse Wellness Consultation

Unlock Your Horses Potential!

Let us help you to discover where the key is to unlock your horses full potential. We can facilitate a return to health, wellness and high performance or simply help you provide a richer environment for your horse so he or she can live a richer, more abundant life.

This service includes evaluation of your horses environment (e.g. nutrition, herd, management, grazing, stable, etc.) and can also include assessment of your horses posture, gait, hoof spectrum score, attitude. exercise, performance and history (including diagnostics and vet report). You will receive a written report which will include our findings and recommendations with useful links and further reading. This is ideal to share with your horses professional team to allow for a team/integrated approach to helping your horse!

Ideally we like to travel to clients and visit horses in person. If this is not appropriate, we can do this via video and photographs and by appointment via phone or online.

Available for people and horses.

Price: £50 (plus travel at £10/hour return from CA22 2PJ).

Duration: approximately 1.5 hours

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