Barefoot Trimming Service

For sound horses and experienced owners

We offer a scaled down Equine Podiatry service suitable for sound horses and owners who require less support. It is important to appreciate the real value in AEP consults where an integrated, holistic and proactive approach is recommended to empower owners to make informed decisions and to allow podiatrists to provide a full and detailed service, as befitting to the problem (a lame horse).

The "trim" is only one part of the solution when faced with a horse with lameness issues or disease in the foot or hoof, although it is argued that the HPT method used in AEP is the most consistent and effective trimming method in achieving balance in the equine hoof and foot. However, providing a healing environment is equally important in returning balance to a horse suffering from a loss of homeostasis.

This is what makes our services effective, holistic and proactive and has created our positive reputation as one of the leading Equine Podiatrist service providers in the UK.

To summarise, our barefoot trimming service is:

  • A maintenance barefoot trimming service

  • Ideal for sound barefoot horses

  • Suitable for sound horses of all ages and backgrounds

  • Promotes soundness, performance and longevity

  • Increasingly popular among leisure and professional riders

For lame horses or owners inexperienced at transitioning or caring for horses barefoot, see Applied Equine Podiatry service

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