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A truly Holistic Approach to Holistic Hoof Care

Beccy is a fully qualified and experienced Degreed Applied Equine Podiatrist (DAEP) and a member of the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry (MIAEP).  Beccy is an Advanced AEP level student.  Holistic Reflections offer expert AEP (Applied Equine Podiatry) consultations as part of our services.

Beccy operates in and around Cumbria and is the only DAEP in the North West/Scottish Borders.

Active members of the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry (IAEP) will have the initials MIAEP after their name and will have attended Continued Professional Development required by the IAEP and will therefore be up to date with the evolving science of AEP.

Your Initial Consult

Your initial consultation will give you a chance to ask questions about AEP and your horses hoof health.  The consult will also give Beccy an opportunity to provide you with more facts to help you decide whether continuing with AEP is the right route for you and your horse. 

Horses with lameness issues with or without current veterinary care require a team effort between your DAEP and veterinary surgeon and sometimes other equine healthcare professionals and we can contact your vet to introduce ourselves and our involvement with the care of your horse.

What to Expect

Your first appointment will involve:

  • taking case notes and a full history of your horse.  This will include every aspect of your management as it all affects foot health. 

  • Pictures for our reference may be taken of your horse's feet.

  • Your horses hooves will be hoof tested with gauged hoof testers

  • A spectrum of usability will be completed to provide a guide on your horses health and anticipated level of performance.

  • Static and moving observations will be recorded.

  • If appropriate his or her feet will be trimmed using the High Performance Trim (HPT) method. 

  • You will be advised on products and practices including any alterations to your horses environment (feed, bedding, turn-out, training, etc), in order to improve or maintain upon high performance. 

Spectrum of Usability

The Spectrum of Usability will help show what structures are weak and what level of performance the horse will be able to undertake on the day of the consult.  This spectrum is used by DAEP's to help you understand where your horse's feet are on the spectrum compared to where they need to be to achieve your goals with your horse.  In other words, they show you how healthy your horse's feet are and how healthy they need to be in order to become healthy enough to do their preferred job.  The spectrum is also used to help you understand that exceeding your horses spectrum can result in trauma and a loss of structure and performance and why this would be the case.


Beccy will advise you on a holistic 'back to health programme' with emphasis on what conditioning work is required to improve upon the health and performance of your horse's feet, with the aim of moving up the scale by the next agreed appointment (if an improvement in health is required).  Hoof care and supplementary products may be purchased from Beccy at the time of the appointment and these are sometimes necessary in order to improve hoof tissue health and structure.

Booting advice

Beccy carries with her a full Easycare fit kit for Easy Boot Gloves.  We can help you decide which Easy Boot Gloves you require (should you want them).  Beccy can also order them for you!

Products and Orthoses

We stock a range of products designed to aid hoof health and foot function. We can also design and fit custom orthoses. Contact us to discuss your horses hoof health today.

Whole Body Balance

Foot health is negatively affected by imbalance in the body.  Holistic Equine can advise on products and therapies to help address imbalances found at the time of the appointment.

Team Approach

We recommend you discuss your horses foot and hoof health with your farrier and vet as any queries they may have can be addressed and information shared. 

We are more than happy for you to give our contact details to other professionals involved with the care of your horse as we proactively promote a team approach to equine health and performance management.

We are happy to provide consultation on veterinary reports and x-rays and always encourage a team approach when dealing with lameness issues.

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